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A KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) — or KSAO (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Others) — is a set of statements written in the first narrative person that must accompany a Government resume when applying to a Federal job vacancy announcement. An influential element in the hiring process, a KSA is rated from 1 to 10, 10 being the most points you can get.

Because KSA statements are so complex, preparing them yourself will require several hours of fastidious work, with the risk of not delivering perfect documents being high, which would result in your application being disqualified, even if you have all the right qualifications.

With years of experience preparing Federal government applications and knowledge of the latest hiring guidelines, our KSA writing service will prepare your ksa answers professionally, using your experience, education and training to create highly convincing statements. We are experts at writing top-scoring KSA’s and will make sure your statements are right-on-target, clear, concise, grammatically-correct so that you get the highest points.

Your KSA’s will also be written from your own voice and in a way that you will be able to use them for future announcements.

Once you signed up online with our services, send us your resume, work information and job announcement and we’ll do the rest; you will also be able to ask us any question you might have directly ...

Last but not least, make sure to order online to get the cheapest price, all the online bonuses and the fastest service as you won't have to pay a commission for talking to somebody over the phone and won't waste your time. Continue here

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