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Also known as Senior Executive Service, the SES includes the highest-level positions of the Federal government. The hiring process for SES differs from standard federal job applications, as candidates’ qualifications must be reviewed by an independent qualification board, which will assess if they have the required leadership skills and a strong commitment to public service.

When applying to a SES job, it is therefore essential to present an outstanding resume as well as great ECQ’s, which are Executive Core Qualifications that showcase how you have all the skills to thrive in this SES position, as if your application convincing enough, you will never have the opportunity to interview with a hiring official, even if you have all the skills.

Preparing an SES resume and ECQ statements yourself can be a very fastidious task, which can take hours, with the risk of not delivering a flawless application being high. Unless you are a very good writer and are fully aware of all the latest SES hiring guidelines, it is highly recommended to use the services of professional Federal resume writers to prepare your complete SES application.

After reviewing most services out there, we have found a professional Federal Resume writing service that is specialized in SES Resumes and additional documents such as OPM ECQ's and PTQ's that are needed for technical, scientific, financial, healthcare, education and administrative leadership positions within the Federal Government.

They not only guarantee at 100% the effectiveness and results of their SES Resume Writing Services but they will treat you with a VIP status. You will experience service on a high professional level characterized by attentiveness and superlative handling, which will include getting personal phone calls from yourwriter and their staff to guide you throughout the process.

Last but not least, make sure to order online to get the cheapest price, all the online bonuses and the fastest service as you won't have to pay a commission for talking to somebody over the phone and won't waste your time. Continue here

>> Let a Professional Writer prepare your SES Resume & get a SES Job fast <<

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